nyaa.si 「Nyaa Torrents」の代替えサイトで一番有名になったと思われるTorrent総合サイト。 アニメ、音楽、映画、画像、ゲーム、ソフトウェアなどほとんどのジャンルを網羅しており、もはや以前の「Nyaa Torrents」なんてみんな忘れたであろう。

21 Jul 2020 Download Nyaa.si Batch Torrent Upload for free. Batch torrent uploader for Nyaa. si. Batch upload via desktop to nyaa.si and sukebe.nyaa.si. Simple browser for batch downloading on https://nyaa.pantsu.cat/ · cat torrents nyaa-se Mass upload torrents for nyaa.si and sukebe.nyaa.si. npm torrent node   29 Feb 2020 As a result of a popular anime torrent website NYAA shutdown, we list down 15 best nyaa Its real easy to find sukebei nyaa replacement. 23 May 2017 There is nyaa.si which horrible subs made their home for torrents as their announcement says .

Nyaa Torrents is a BitTorrent website focused on East Asian (Japanese, Chinese, and Korean) media. It is one of the largest public anime-dedicated torrent 

Popular Anime/Hentai Torrents Website NYAA Down: Here Are Top Anime Torrent Site Alternatives. We had reported on Tuesday about the world’s popular Anime/Hentai torrent download website, NYAA being shut down. The NYAA admin has confirmed our worst fears!. They said that they had shut down the website in response to certain court proceedings which could have hurt them. They have clarified Nyaa Torrents閉鎖後、Nyaa.siやNyaa Pantsuなどの後続らしきNyaa Torrentsのミラーサイトが登場します。またNyaa Torrentsが閉鎖したことにより、Tokyo ToshokanやThe Pirate Bayといった代わりとなるサイトを探す人が急増し、一時期は掲示板やSNSで騒ぎになりました。 18/02/2017 sukebei nyaa torrent search에서의 대한민국의 다운로드 수 순위 기록을 확인하세요. 순위 기록은 Google Play 앱 스토어에서 sukebei nyaa torrent search의 인기와 시간에 따른 변화를 보여줍니다, 또한, 국가, 카테고리, 디바이스별 sukebei nyaa torrent search 의 일일 성과를 추적할 수 있습니다.

2 Love Live Cosplay Idol Torrent Project: 20.7 GiB: 2020-03-11 18:27: 0: 6: 0: 2 [-__-'] Love Live! The School Idol Movie [BD 1080p] 7.1 GiB: 2020-03-08 15:11: 1: 1: 142 [PV-SAVE] Aqours Love Live! Sunshine!! - HAPPY PARTY TRAIN [BD][Subbed] 1.3 GiB: 2020-02-28 15:13: 0: 0: 119: ラブライブ! School idol diary Special Edition 01 (電撃

Torrents with (.Chm) or (.url) files can be removed. Nyaa Pantu Sukebi is a replacement for the defective Nyaa Pantu website. Mirror site host torrents recovered from an old Nyaa Sukebe database. Nyaa Pantu is a mirror created from the Nyaa.se database dumbbell. The Nyaa replacement was set up by a team of Nyaa’s mods. Nyaa Panstu started Category Name Link Size Date; Jungle de Ikou (DVDRip 720x480p x265 HEVC AC3x2 2.0x2)(Dual Audio)[sxales] 732.0 MiB: 2020-07-22 23:26: 2: 53: 0: Cybernetics Guardian (1989) (DVDRip 720x480p x265 HEVC AC3x2 2.0x2)(Dual Audio)[sxales]